12 hour performance by Group BAZA and Aleksandar Davic
(Novi Sad, Yugoslavia)

Date: Thursday, August 20 - Friday August 21
Time: 8 pm - 8 am

The group BAZA comes from Novi Sad, the second biggest city in FR 
Yugoslavia.  BAZA does not belong to an alternative artistic scene 
in Yugoslavia (there seems to be nothing worth to be an 
alternative to) but the artistic underground movement. Since 1996 
- when BAZA was founded -  nothing has really changed in the 
political and social reality; if anything, things became worse - 
which is one of the reasons why BAZA do not announce their 
performances, actions, events trough the usual channels, which are 
either under governmental or oppositional control. Instead BAZA 
instrumentalise rumours and gossip, extremely ?developed? 
strategies to function as indicators for quality in Yugoslavian 
society, treating reality with sarcasm and irony. 

Recognising is the third project by BAZA. As well as the previous 
two projects (?Inside (the) Walls? 96/97 and ?Day as any other? 
97), it explores the present Yugoslavian society from the point of 
view of cultural reality and human relationships. Since one of the 
main interest of BAZA are communicational problems, both in direct 
communication and CMC, in 1997 they founded CYBERNS media lab 
together with Aleksandar Davic and 4 other artists and programmers 
in order to experiment more with digital technology advances and 
disadvantages.  The performance Recognising will be the first 
which will directly address Internet users, being broadcasted 
constantly throughout 12 hours.

RECOGNISING speaks of personal experiences in everyday life within 
an isolated society, using a complex language of symbols, 
including only a few statements. The whole performance is based on 
repeated cycles of 45 minutes, in which one can experience air 
raid attacks, the feeling of being ridiculed, depressed, 
frightened and physically as well as mentally strong at the same 

During the Performance separate work will develop, independent 
vision trough the eye of the live net camera observer by 
Aleksandar Davic, audience reactions in real time and space and 
Internet participants whose submissions will immediately become 
part of the performance through the web site.

Participants can join the performance from remote by interacting 
through an IRC chat room installed at the web site: 

At any time, BAZA will see the activity in the chat room and re-
act to the remote input. Details on how to join will be made 
available by Thursday afternoon.

BAZA members are:
Vera Midic, Psychology student and artist, founding member of 
Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab
Vladimir Barbul, Literature and Language student and artist, 
founding member of Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab
Branka Milicic-Davic, artist and media activist, founding member 
of Group BAZA and Cyberns media lab
Aleksandar Davic is a film and video maker, teaching assistant at 
Drama department of the Academy of Arts Novi Sad.

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