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Hello everybody,

<P>A double announcement for this week.

<P>Today *Wednesday) evening (January the 14th) at approx.&nbsp; 20.30
CET, 21.30 Riga time, etc...

<P><B>Slovenska Kinoteka/ Cinemateque Slovene &amp; CinemaEar: GOLEM</B>
<BR>(a legendary German Expresionism silent movie, 1920).
<BR><B>Sound interpretation of GARY LUCAS, experimenting virtuoso&nbsp;
American guitarist</B>
<BR>(somebody remember CAPTAIN BEEFHEART? Well G. Lucas played the strange
rhythmic structures behind the vocal!)
<BR>//////////// a direct transmission of event (sound only!)/////////////////
<BR>followed by a solo concert of&nbsp; same musician!

<P>check at

<P>&nbsp;pnm://&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (we're test first
with Riga! Later!!)

<P>or pnm://bart.radiostudent.si/mzx/live.ra

<P>(a Riga open channel server)

<P>Thursday night (after the last week's disaster)

<P>Staring Midnight CET

<P><B>SPACE FROM ABOVE THE UNDERGROUND</B> - a free net improvisation,
connecting Berlin (Xtended Live Radio people) with Ljubljana (Ministry
of Exp). All else invited to join in....


<P>or somewhere else also...

<P>We'll open up a chat channel #b51 or m51

<P><B>To Rasa &amp; Raitis: I'll be present here after 18.00 CET (19.00
Riga time) to check the streaming to Riga.</B>

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