Hello everybody!

Tonight, starting at 22.00 CETthe first of the three 'multimedia processing' of
audial, visual and scriptual at Gallery B51 in Ljubljana.

The multimedia 'party' will include

1. A direct transmission to the airwaves of Radio Student from a gallery/youth
2. an real event (opening) at the gallery,
3. exhibition of sculptures,
4. Astronomer's space dia-projections (slides)
5. telescope images of the moon projected to the inside of the gallery
6. and on the net,
6. also net transmission of sound and (here maybe you will like to enter?) -
7. your netcasts from the net to the airwaves and back into the club.
8. Also IRC chatting would go in parallel on channel #M51 (all servers are
connected? anyway: in case of trouble try out

The concept is very broad as is the number of people involved. In fact it is
constituted from people with artistic background, astronomy amateurs, communication
freaks (as myself), music lovers - so it comes out to be a nice opportunity for a
net socializing event.

The Space as metaphore brings  everything together. To me the analogy of web and
Space comes easy. It's all chaos!

 The site to visit is at
              or/and at    http://astro.ago.uni-lj.si/b51/luna.html

Real audio server is in Riga (Radio OZONE=Xchange), hopefully it will stand up to
the traffic! I'll be ready here at Radio Student at 21.30. I'll contact Riga at irc
channel #xchange on re-lab.net server.

Anybody ready to do some artistic or non-artistic or anti-artistic real-audio
streaming is invited! The party goes on to 1.00 am tonight but maybe longer into
the night!

(I'll check also the streaming of Kunstradio and use it in a most unspeakable

See you!


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