<x-rich>Hello everybody!

This is supposed to be a more personal approach to mailing list. I'm talking now to Rasa but everybody can enjoy it and even take part in it.

For this Thursday (and three consecutive thursdays) we (in Ljubljana) are preparing for a 'total event', meaning:

1. A direct transmission to the airwaves of Radio Student from a gallery/youth club,
2. an real event (opening) at the gallery,
3. exhibition of sculptures,
4. telescope images of the moon projected to the inside of the gallery
5. and (hopefully) on the net,
6. also net transmission of sound and (here maybe you will like to enter?) -
7. your netcasts from the net to the airwaves and back into the club.
8. Also IRC chatting would (should) go in parallel.

(We should be chatting more during the netcasts. It's a nice opportunity to be synchronized during each netcast. Ulf Freyhoff showed me how excellent it can work out. In fact it is (together with picture of the web sites) the third element of netcasting - we should be using them all - not only sound.

The concept is very broad as is the number of people involved. In fact it is constituted from elements of artistic expression, astronomy addicts, communication freaks (as myself), music lovers - so it comes out to be a nice opportunity for socializing event. The Space as metaphore gathers everything together. To me the analogy of web and Space comes easy. It's all chaos!

The preliminary page is at


Any day now we will adapt it a little bit with additional pictures, information, etc (I'm waiting for a sysop...).

This will go on for three consecutive Thursdays and continue later on in different contexts.

Tomorrow night when OZONE will have radio transmission, we will try to do some RA streaming from Ljubljana directly to OZONE server for 20 min or so. Anyone else interested in trying it out also?

We can try how it works better - either OZONE could pick up your (& my) stream and re-broadcast it or you can stream to OZONE server. This second option lookes better as OZONE can then use their encoding also and send their stream independently (one more encoding computer is not needed).

About real audio contact


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