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convex tv. and luxus cont. invite you to:[test bed]=20
schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin
saturday 12.13.97
saturday 12.13.97
saturday 12.13.97


from 16oo hrs at 1st floor:
- involving systems update 2.7
- Disco Variegato revised - by Max Wolf
- convex tv. livestream on the internet at
- bar


from 22oo hrs downstairs at the club:
- toktok (live PA)
- dj plus (to rococo rot)
- kazi lenker
- fabian feyerabendt (V records berlin)
- dj steeve
- bar



involving systems update 2.7

"a military grade modular setup consisting of four user interface
components: two retro chique workstation monitors and two input modules.
one module using a record player for bulk data input, the other a
pen-based interface for seamless deconstruction and recombination of the
input material. all this powered by an hidden personal computer
seemingly the main obstacle in marketing this as the next generation dj
working environment. a game for a single person and an audience. a
scientific setup for the visitor to explore the structure and working
mechanisms of contemporary music. anything else? we don't know."=20 - invsys@xxxxxxxx - fax 069 24 000 330


Disco Variegato revised - von Max Wolf

Ortsspezifische Installation f=FCr den "test bed"-Raum, Berlin,
13.Dez.1997. Der liebe alte Disko-Glitzerball-Sternchenstrom, etwas
neuaufgelegt mit Beamer, Laptop und Direct-X Telespieltechnik. Max Wolf
installiert ein eigens f=FCr den Anlass programmiertes
>>Elektro-Lagerfeuer<< bei luxus cont. / convex tv. Informatik im Dienste=
 der =E4sthetischen Aussage; "Disco Variegato revised" ist ein introverti=
ertes Stimmungsl=E4mpchen-Ambient-St=FCck visueller Kunst, das die Musiki=
nstallation der Involving Systems durch heimlichen Datenaustausch mit hun=
derten und aberhunderten kleiner schlauer Leuchtkegelchen begleitet.

Disco Variegato revised ist f=FCr den privaten Einsatz als
Bildschirmschoner f=FCr Windows 95, 98, und NT 4.x nach der Ausstellung
kostenlos verf=FCgbar auf der meso-Website


Disco Variegato revised - by Max Wolf

A site-specific installation for "test bed"-space, berlin dec 13, 1997.
Rerunning the dear old discotheque-ish glitterball starstream on beamer,
laptop, and direct-x computer gaming technology, max wolf is installing
a custom-programmed >>electric campfire<< conceived exclusively for the
occasion at bei luxus cont./ convex tv. Putting computer science to work
for the sake of aesthetic impression, "Disco Variegato revised" is an
introverted mood-lighting ambient-piece of visual art complementing
involving systems' music installation by secretly exchanging data bytes
with hundreds and hundreds of little smart spotlights.=20

Disco Variegato revised is available free of charges for non-commercial
use as a screensaver for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.x after the exhibition
from meso's website

[test bed]: radiosalon / airdesign / hidden agenda setting / internal
link / plug-in / [Image] [Sound] [Text] / rundfunkversuchsstelle /
convex tv. / luxus cont. / you=92re warmly welcome.

-> convex tv. will broadcast the inv.sys./max wolf - scenario live on
the internet:


convex tv.  =20
[test bed], schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin
phone++49 30 28384103/++49 30 4622831
fax     ++49 30 4622831
           =91there=92s a bandwidth playing on the radio=92

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