Hello everybody,

Let's start 
welcome to participate in discussion about 
the development of the 'radio' (/audio) on the net - and - the interface
for alternative net.broadcasters network.

some topics I would like to start with:

(L) live broadcasting 
| many ways to use live-streams - regular & non-regular broadcastings | live
transmissions from FM radios to the net and opposite | special projects
and events using real-time audio technology |  net.radio audience

(A) audio archive 
| are the recordings of live sessions important? | how to create more
accessible audio archives | new software?

(I) the interface 
- for alternative net.broadcasters network - developing towards the
net.audio network community | ideas for new software | research on
different live-streaming possibilities 

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about live broadcasting -
really different experience in experimenting with live
broadcast on the net:

- everyday broadcasting Internet 'radios', which often are closer to
traditional concept of radio (many of them also have 'real' radio
background, e.g. B92, pirate radio Interface, ..)
- web- or net- 'radios', which have regular (e.g. once a week) programs
only in the net (like ParaRadio, OZOne)
- mixed on-air + on-line radio experiments, regular and non-regular (e.g.
convex_tv, kunstradio, ..)
- live transmissions from special events (festivals, projects, clubs, etc.) 
- and most extreme - live-immediate-broadcastings and pure-experiments
(like - 'we have a good party/lecture/discussion tonight or right now and
we would like to broadcast it', etc.)
the question second is about the audience - 
rather 'narrow' audience is rather specific for live broadcasting in internet
(if compared to on-air radios/ can we call it 'broad-cast' then../
- but - should we compare?..)
what is the audience we are broadcasting to? 
For instance, ParaRadio is more oriented to local - Hungarian people.
Interface with their everyday live music broadcastings has probably wider
But in most part of the cases the circle of interested people is not so
wide, and one question becomes particularly important - how to provide
them /us-ourselves with the better information exchange?

Sometimes 'net.radio' web-sites has quite complicated interface, and one
can hardly find this 'live link'.... 
But - if radio Web-pages mostly are more or less the same, only updated
with new textual or visual information, - the most important part, of
course, is 'audio', which itself is the main content of live broadcasts
(plus - chats, live images, ..).
And that's why, a suggestion could be, that live links (*.ram or *.ra) 
shouldn't be hidden, but opposite - live stream http:// or pnm:// addresses
should  be popularised separately too - in the same way as http://

next topic could be the advantages of 'radio on the net' - 
audio archives
How important are recorded sessions of live-shows? Some radios do serious
archiving of live sessions (like ParaRadio weekly shows, Workspace radio) -
some of us has experienced that sometimes there has been more listeners of
recorded 'last session" then during the 'real' live broadcast...
But many others don't pay attention to archiving (too boring?), doubts
sometimes  appear in-between the necessity of archiving and view-point
'that live-shows are more exiting then recordings'

Also there is a question - how to make audio archives more accessible for
listeners (meaning - easy to use/contribute). Like comprehensive Radio
Internationale Stadt archive is really great project where the content is
created by contributors. Also other net.radios has good archives with Djs,
experimental music, lectures, etc.
Though there should be new and good technical solutions for usage of those
archives. Like - robot for creating play-list, for instance. 
Some people also are working on ideas and research for new other
live-streaming software /I guess, people in Graz??/

Conclusion of this introduction text -

the interface for alternative net.broadcasters network is what we should

(Xchange) mailinglist is supposed to be as an information and communication
channel for net.broadcasers - for exchanging the information and ideas as
well as practical knowledge.
Xchange project Acoustic.Space <http://xchange.re-lab.net> is an attempt to
concentrate the information about alternative net.broadcasters. 

But there should be developed much more comprehensive interface - for
building the net.audio network community.
And yours/ours experience and ideas could be used as a background for it.
Looking forward to hear your ideas, opinions, suggestions,


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