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'SOUND BOX' Web Broadcast Project
November 1997

Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland, is seeking works
for possible inclusion for the upcoming web project.

SOUND BOX is a RealAudio based experimental broadcast, opening its virtual
doors on Friday March 27th 1998. Web broadcast will be online for a period
of two months at the following address: http://www.kiasma.fng.fi/soundbox/.
SOUND BOX is a countdown project for KIASMA, the new building of The Museum
of Contemporary Art, keeping its opening ceremony on Friday May 29th 1998
in Helsinki.

SOUND BOX will introduce different kind of works and aesthetics concerning
electronic music. SOUND BOX is looking for fresh ideas, works in which
sounds and electronic means are used in imaginary and interesting ways.
SOUND BOX will give the web audience a versatile vision about the diversity
and richness of international sonic art in the 90's.

At least 20 works will be selected for SOUND BOX broadcasting. The selected
works are broadcasted as a nonstop stream, including text information about
every composer and work. Each selected composer will receive a fee of 500
FIM (= ca. 95 USD = 167 DEM = 555 FRF = 57 GBP). Please be sure that you
own the copyright of the piece before submitting it. There will also be a
possibility that The Museum of Contemporary Art will buy a few of these
works for its collection.

SOUND BOX project is curated by composer Petri Kuljuntausta
(http://muu.autono.net/artists/kuljuntausta/), chairman of the Charm of
Sound association.

Formats for submission:
- DAT, CD/CD-R, Minidisc.

Please include:
- Written artistic statement about the submitted work and bio about
yourself and your previous work in diskette (PC/Macintosh).

DEADLINE for submissions is January 30th 1998.

Submit your work and diskette to:

The Museum of Contemporary Art
Kaivokatu 2
FIN-00100 Helsinki

The SOUND BOX Website at: http://www.kiasma.fng.fi/soundbox/


The Charm of Sound association (Aanen Lumo ry) is collaborating on this
project, so there will be an opportunity for your work to be performed in
an electronic music concert in Helsinki. After the SOUND BOX web
broadcasting period we will return all submitted sound material, but if you
would like your work to be performed in a live concert we will forward your
material to Charm of Sound's collection for consideration of future
projects. Please mention if you prefer that possibility.

For further information about SOUND BOX or the Charm of Sound association,

Petri Kuljuntausta
Tunnelitie 9 G 53
FIN-00320 Helsinki Finland.
Tel: +358-9-4583950
Email: <petri.kuljuntausta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


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