Radio 100

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Radio 100 (as such) arose in 1985 on the historical big meeting of the Amsterdam free radio stations GOT (1982-1985), Rabotnik (1980-1985), WHS (1979-1985), and DFM. It was the biggest alternative, experimental and independent station in The Netherlands.

Since Radio 100 went off air in 2003 (under juridical/financial pressure) many programs left, likely not believing in the internet, but also a lot stayed! As DFM has been one of the pillars Radio 100 was build on and has been supporting Radio 100's webcasting since it's beginning, DFM adopted the remaining programs. For the listeners who are also on the internet in fact nothing changed, the unheard music and sounds, the freeform programs, the experiments, it all continues like nothing happened.

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